Vuforia Engine: How to Create Model Targets


In this Vuforia Engine augmented reality tutorial you’ll learn how to create a Model Target in Unity. This powerful feature is perfect for creating AR experiences on large or small complex objects by using their CAD data. We’ll be using a toy Polaris RZR to demonstrate the capabilities. Before getting started with this tutorial please create a free Vuforia Engine developer account. Get access to a free developer key under the Develop tab on the Vuforia Engine portal when logged in. Here is what you’ll learn in this how-to video: • What a Vuforia Engine Model Target is • What the differences are between a Model Target and Object Target • How to choose and optimize your CAD model • Vuforia Model Target Generator tutorial • How to build with Model Targets in Unity If you’d like to read through our detailed guide on creating a Model Target, please visit our Vuforia Engine library for more resources. Interested in deploying your finished application to an app store? You can find our deployment license options on our pricing page.

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